What sets Compono apart

Advanced Psychometrics

Demonstrating the appropriate skills, qualifications and experience are usually mandatory pre-requisites for successful new hires into a business. But how do you know if they have the right organisational and personality fits for your unique company culture and team?

Compono’s platform provides psychometric assessments of all job candidates in a cost effective and user friendly way. No longer are behavioural assessments something reserved only for senior positions, every candidate is automatically screened, ranked and matched with your organisation for organisational, preferred working styles, skills and qualifications fit from the beginning.

Company Culture

Compono’s intelligence provides robust data to enable behavioural strategy and planning. Assess and get metrics on your current culture versus your desired one. Your business can define the short term improvements to your organisations climate that must be dealt with before longer term challenges can be overcome.

Jobs marketplace

Access multiple major job boards when hiring. Easily post your role across sites  without manual re-entry or the added effort of compiling applications from across different platforms.

Distributing your jobs roles across your own careers page, job boards and social media isn’t a tedious or manual process with Compono.

Immersive Training

We are award-winning creators in extended reality technologies such as virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality. Applying best-practise learning design to real-time visualisations and immersive technology for organisations that need to train their people on high risk equipment or in environments that are expensive or dangerous to access.

Compono can create engaging experiences for the simulated practise of job tasks and the significant improvement of retained learning outcomes.

Comprehensive Learning Library & Management

With access to one of the largest professional education content libraries you can provide market leading courses for your workforce to ensure compliance and employee growth goals.

Compono’s technology also structures individual learning pathways for all of your employees, monitors progress and completion and provides micro-credentialing so that accomplishments and competencies can be shared and acknowledged.

Skills Engine

Our skills and qualifications engine represents the world’s largest structured skills library in the world. And with a self-learning loop it grows every day.

This allows you to verify the skills and qualifications your candidates bring to a role and identify accurate upskilling opportunities to ensure they can hit the ground running and meet the demands of the job now and into the future.

Our Solution Experts are ready to help unlock your businesses’ potential.